About us

At Supply Ontario, we believe that modernizing procurement is a key driver of success for Ontario’s public sector. Our mandate is to strengthen supply chain management and procurement across the public sector, ensuring that Ontario ministries, provincial agencies, hospitals, school boards, children’s aid societies and more have access to high-quality, timely, reliable products at the best value.

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed how fragile global supply chains were in their ability to respond to unforeseen emergencies. In response, the province established Supply Ontario to accelerate its journey to transform public sector procurement.

Using a whole-of-government approach, we will leverage provincial purchasing power to generate savings that can be reinvested into public services, address barriers businesses face in accessing public sector procurement opportunities and create a resilient, adaptable supply chain that Ontarians can rely on. We are currently working on developing our capacity, including strategies for data management and category leadership. When fully operational, we will centralize contracts for common products to build a smarter, stronger and more connected public sector supply chain.

Ontario is one of the largest purchasers in Canada, and there are great advantages to buying smarter together.

We understand that the knowledge and expertise of vendors, industry advocates, shared services organizations and our government partners are central to our success. That’s why we are formalizing consistent, category and sector-specific roundtables, and will continue to place meaningful stakeholder engagement at the centre of our work.

We look forward to working together to achieve better outcomes for Ontarians.

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