About us

Supply Ontario is a Crown agency committed to transforming and modernizing public procurement in Ontario to deliver improved value and outcomes.

Ontario’s public sector supply chain ecosystem is large and complex. Across the broader public sector – including government ministries, provincial agencies, hospitals, school boards, colleges and universities and social service organizations – Ontario spends billions of dollars each year on goods and services.

Supply Ontario was established to address challenges in Ontario’s supply chain system, including barriers for small businesses to innovate and gain access to public sector procurements; a limited focus on the lowest price rather than on overall value, quality and impact; inconsistent customer service experiences; and inefficiencies and duplication. Currently, there is little coordination or collaboration and no big-picture line of sight to leverage the significant buying power of Ontario’s public sector.

As the procurement commercial voice for government, Supply Ontario will work across the system to build an integrated, efficient and strategic supply chain that benefits our economy, businesses, customers and Ontarians.

What’s next

Supply Ontario is ramping up its operations and developing a strong foundation for a multi-year transformation, built on meaningful collaboration with stakeholders. Learn more on our news and updates page.

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