Supply Ontario is a Crown agency established by regulation (O. Reg 612/20) under the Supply Chain Management Act (Government, Broader Public Sector and Health Sector Entities), 2019 (the “SCMA”). Our mandate is to improve procurement across much of the public sector by providing and supporting supply chain management and procurement activities for the following entities:  

Government entities – such as ministries, provincial agencies, the Independent Electricity System Operator, and Ontario Power Generation and its subsidiaries. 

Broader public sector entities – such as school boards, publicly-funded post-secondary educational institutions, children’s aid societies, and shared services and group purchasing organizations that procure for these entities..  

Health sector entities – such as hospitals, the Ottawa Heart Institute, and shared services and group purchasing organizations that procure for these entities.  

Supply Ontario has the authority under O. Reg. 612/20 to collect the following information from entities:  

  • Current inventories of any goods and future inventory requirements  
  • Current and future procurement activities  
  • Supply chain opportunities, contingencies, and constraints  
  • Information about contracts related to the procurement of goods or services  
  • Any other information related to supply chain management or vendor performance that the Supply Ontario specifies  

The regulation also provides Supply Ontario with the authority to issue notice to covered entities that provides direction and guidance regarding supply chain management activities.