Our vision

A world-class capability that harnesses Ontario’s buying power to enable value creation, province-wide resilience and economic development for Ontarians.

​​Established to address challenges in Ontario’s supply chain system, Supply Ontario will transform and modernize public procurement in Ontario to benefit our economy, businesses, customers and Ontarians.

Strategic framework

Value creation

Leverage the province’s buying power to ensure Ontarians are getting the greatest value from every tax dollar spent


Strengthen Ontario’s ability to rapidly respond to unexpected events, ensuring the province has reliable access to critical products when it needs them.

Economic development

Support innovation, economic development, supplier diversity and domestic production to drive local, regional and province-wide opportunities and make it easier to do business with Ontario’s public sector.

Data-driven intelligence and market guidance: Pillars are enabled by greater data visibility and the use of market-leading tools, which are guided by engagement and continuous learning from the market.

Legislation, regulation and policy: Ensuring that legislation, regulation and policies enable the transformation of the public sector supply chain.