Procurement with the Ontario government

Vendors / Suppliers

To find out how to sell your goods and services to the Ontario government as a vendor, please visit the Doing Business with Ontario webpage or contact [email protected].

Public Sector Buyers

If you are a member of the Ontario Public Service or broader public sector seeking more information on procurement, trade agreements or vendor of record arrangements, please visit the Buy for Government section of the Doing Business with Ontario webpage or contact [email protected].

Building Ontario Businesses Initiative

The Building Ontario Businesses Initiative (BOBI) is a province-wide program developed by the government to leverage the role public sector procurement can play in economic development. ​BOBI creates a level playing field that reduces barriers and provides Ontario businesses with greater access to procurement opportunities.​ BOBI is designed to allow the province to continue doing business with its trade partners while addressing the needs of the local economy. The initiative will also strengthen Ontario’s supply chain resiliency so the province is prepared for any future emergencies.

Building Ontario Businesses Initiative – A Guide for Buyers

To support buyers in applying strategies under BOBI into procurement decisions and processes, Supply Ontario and Treasury Board Secretariat have developed a guidance document.

Read the Building Ontario Businesses Initiative Guide for Buyers (PDF).